10 Surprising Facts About The Seafood You Didn’t Know

10 Surprising facts about the seafood you didn’t know. The Seafood includes any form of food taken from the sea. This type of food is becoming popular nowadays. People are eating seafood in restaurants without knowing the health benefits but also the big risks of it. By knowing these facts you will definitely change the way you eat it. Here are the top seafood health facts. Read 10 surprising facts about the seafood you didn’t know. Be aware of what you eat, cause we are what we eat!

1. Raw oysters are still alive when you eat them

Raw oysters are still alive when you eat them. This means that they are moving in your mouth till eating. Knowing the fact that you eat something alive will change your opinion about this meal.

Raw oysters
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2. Crawfish do Feel Pain

Crawfish have a nervous system and suffer when they’re ripped apart. It’s clear that they feel pain. They limp when injured, release adrenaline when getting hurt. The sad thing is that they fight for their lives to escape being boiled alive. How sad!


3. Eating Shellfish Can Make You Sick or You Can Die

If you think that this is a joke, definitely is not! You can become ill or the worst, you can die if you get infected by bacteria that is in shellfish. A plate with shellfish can cost you a life, so be careful next time when eating!


4. 3-ounce shrimp contains over 293 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acid

Omega-3 fatty acids omega-3s have a carbon-carbon double bond located three carbons from the methyl end of the chain. Think twice next time when ordering shrimps!


5. Pregnant women should not eat fish of any type more than twice in any given week

The seafood can be contaminated with some bacteria and this has a big influence on an unborn child.

Salmon Fish

6. There is a Shark Fin Soup

The preparation of this soup is ABSURD. Shark finners capture sharks, cut off their fin and toss the shark back into the ocean to die. Can you really eat this soup?

Shark Fin Soup
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7. Benefits of Eating Crab

By eating crab there are a lot of benefits. For example, it protects your heart, boosts your immune system, strengthens your bones, it supports the eyes problem, it helps in losing weight… What else you need to know to start eating crab?

Crab food

8. How Many Calories Contains One Portion of Octopus Salade

To prepare this salad you will need 2 h and 35 min. One Octopus Salad contains 297,02 Calories. Imagine that!

Octopus Salade
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9. Canned Tuna is The Safest Seafish for Eating

Canned tuna is also called white meat tuna. Eating two canned tuna meals per week is safe for your health. Don’t be scared, choose canned tuna of the seafood and be a healthy person.


10. Mussels

Mussels are cheap, delicious and plentiful food that comes from the sea.

Mussels are listed as one of the 100 most dangerous and invasive species in the world. This is the last surprising fact about the seafood. All of this information was informative and we should all know it. Hope you found it interesting in this article.