5 Attractive Destinations to Visit in Manali 2021

Whenever you want to search for inner peace, backpack tour and adventure with your besties or a honeymoon trip with your soulmate, Manali and their mountains is the decent place for that which fascinates you. The hill town wandering your heart. It is the most beautiful destination in India that ranks high in terms of hill station spots. Manali is not only famous for its picturesque views but also for its adventurous activities. You can enjoy journeying, climbing, peak biking, paragliding, and skiing. There are multiple spots to explore on this gorgeous station. Manali attracts various travelers from all over the earth.

To visit Manali there are different best adventure activities in and around Manali like Water sports, skiing, hiking, etc makes Manali the most impressive. The sites of Manali bring calm to your eyes and fill your heart with peace and happiness. Here are 5 Attractive Destinations to visit in Manali 2021

# 1 Kothi 

 Kothi is a village. Kothi village is one of the most panoramic places to visit in Manali. Kothi is the nearest sight for lovers of nature. Many couples visit here to spread their love. A lot of Movies also have been shot at this location. This village is also an all-time favorite of celebrities. large numbers of poets create poems by inspiring from this place, also a lot of artists like painters visit kothi village for capturing new ideas and scenery. May to October is the most suitable time to visit this village. Here a famous temple is also located, the temple of goddess Shuwang Chandika and several camping sites. 

Do include this site while planning your Kullu Manali Tour Package. The location of the hotel is awesome here. It is one of the top attractions in Manali. The gorge thick in Kothi makes it extraordinary. It is a Quaint corner for you and you’re beloved. 

#2 Beas Kund 

Beas Kund has always been a popular trek around Manali. Best for Primary Manali trip package. Beas Kund takes you right to the source of the river that spirals through the town. It’s very wonderfully surrounded by nature. This is extremely well-known in the journey. Beas Kund is also famous for the name Vyas Kund. Here found feeding freshwater and long pull over the kind. This place is an all-time favorite of people who are tired from hot areas and want to calm the mind and satisfaction to heart. Beas Kund water always spreads positive vibes which glamour the tourists and its calmness attract their attention.

Especially children and older or newly married couples feel love and affection from this place. It is like a wound of heaven that spreads positive vibes and curiosity among the people to visit this place more and more.

# 3 Solang Valley 

Solang valley receives a lot of snowfall in the month of winter, especially from January and December. Solang Valley is the best winter spot for skiing in pristine white snow. It is also famous for its very amazing and tasty tea. For the Primary Manali trip package, this snow valley is like butter on chapati. Here I found a lot of adventure spots. The best of this spot is, it is located near the beach Kund which has four moons.  The nicest magnet of this valley is the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering. It is an extremely safe place for visiting with family. People have the best experience from this place. Also, it is famous for photoshoots. 

It looks like pure white and milky snow also the clear blue sky, huge mountains which are reflected by eyes. Whether you go to Solang Valley with your besties and family or with your soulmate there is a lot to analyze and celebrate here. 

# 4 Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara

It is a holy religious place having historical importance. The place is known as a Sikh religious place prominent for its hot water springs. People also called it the nice and calm place of worship surrounded by the Parvati River which is having very cold water and the hot springs that you can review. Langar’s food is excellent here. Amazing and spectacular views of the hills were found here. The primary Manali Trip package is an amazing place. Some people have experience of fulfilling their wishes here, this place is heart touching and easily recognizable. Whenever you visit there you must eat the langar. People believe that the site of Manikaran Gurudwara Sahib is the accurate Meditative point of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. People who visit this place feel some intangible power in their surroundings which is the positive vibes of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. People having a belief

 In this place, Sagas has it that these hot water springs were expressed due to the action of Sheshnag when Lord Shiva was seeking the lost jewel of Goddess Parvati. In an attempt to avoid the bitterness of Lord Shiva, Sheshnag threw away expensive stones from the earth, which ended in the out rust of these hot liquid springs

# 5 Naggar 

Naggar is one of the timeless beauties of Manali. Whenever you visit Manali, don’t skip Naggar. It is the best place around Manali just a little far. Naggar is a fascinating area to visit, Road to the castle is nice from Manali. This old palace is now open for tourists. The famous song of Kareena Kapoor was shot here. It offers a nice view of the mountains, Valley and the Beas River. The castle is built with stone and wood. In Naggar, various services are also available like restaurants, tasty food, and hotels. Various movies have been shot in this place. The place is awe-inspiring and covers amazing sites, clean clouds, sweet and heart-touching nature. Many tourists flock to this destination all through the year.