Air Fryer Recipes – Tasty and Healthy

There is an English proverb that I’m constantly repeating in my head: You are what you eat! This is so true and if we eat healthy food we will be healthy people. Otherwise, if we are feeding with food with too much oil, salt, sugar, we will surely not be healthy. This is why today we will keep on air fryer recipes – tasty and healthy food, easy done and clean kitchen. This is a dream! If you ever buy this you will surely use it every day and now check the recipes and how to use it.

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An air fryer is essentially compact convection ovens that live on your counter. The “fry” food with air, not oil, which is incredibly great for those who are fat or have cholesterol. And here are the recipes:

Tasty and healthy air fryer recipes: 1. French fries

This is my favorite meal and I think not just for me but for many people above. If you have an air fryer you just out the french fries in it, after 10 minutes you just mix it and after 10 minutes more you will get fries without oil! A healthy meal for you, your children and even for the whole family and imagine, ready for 2o minutes!

french fries
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air fryer recipes

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2.Grilled chicken meat

The second recipe is grilled chicken meat. This is also ready for only 20 minutes and there is no oil! Your kitchen is clean and you have lunch for the whole family and only for about 20 minutes and half an hour. The recipe is that you don’t add anything, just clean the chicken meat and put it in the air fryer! This is better than oven or grill!!!

chicken meat
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3. Roasted chicken in the fryer

The great thing is that you can add the full chicken in the fryer and to get a nice lunch. This is great when you have guests that come into the house without invitation and you have no plan about what to cook at that moment. you just add the chicken in the pan and you get it about 20 minutes!!!

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In the end, keep following our page where you can find other air fryer recipes and maybe you will make it someday when you will have the needed ingredients. thanks for your time and attention and keep following our page