Avoid This Food Before Flying

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Flying can be an amazing experience but sometimes it can be also stressful and you just simply will wish to end the flight and get off the plane. Today, we will keep on the type of food that you should avoid a few hours before flying. Stay with us and check the details that we will present to you hereinafter and you will learn how to avoid food sickness while traveling on a plane.

Fried food

Avoid eating french fries and any other fried food a few hours before flying. Why? Fried foods are generally filled with sodium, which may cause fluid retention.


Avoid eating beans before flying because beans contain high fiber that will cause unpleasant gas and bloat. We don’t need this while traveling, especially not while flying.


You should avoid garlic for the bad breath that will be caused and I don’t think that many passengers want to smell it.


Sorry to tell you that coffee is also on the list of the food and drinks that aren’t allowed before flying. Even if you think that coffee helps you in waking up and energize your body it may end with leaving you jittery, anxious, and dehydrated during the flight.


If you start the flight with alcohol you will land with a headache. Even this is the fact that alcohol shouldn’t be used before flying, many people drink it.

Bananas and oranges

You won’t feel relaxed if you eat bananas and oranges before flying, so avoid it.


Well, actually, water is allowed a few hours before the flight, on the flight but you will visit the bathroom too often which isn’t a great idea while being in the sky.

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Thanks so much for your time and our team wishes you to have a nice vacation and a good trip! Follow our page wherever you go because our next post will be what to EAT before flying!