Chinese Food You Must Taste At Least Once in Life

Chinese food is traditional food that is known around all world and people are eating with appetite. In the post now, we will give you the top Chinese food you must try at least once in life. Nowadays, there are also known Chinese restaurants opened in almost every country where they offer Chinese food recipes and seafood. I believe that these places and cooker here knows how to transmit Chinese culture through food and traditional cuisine. Stay with us and find interesting food recipes, some of it you can prepare at home and the others you can order in the near restaurant in your own city.

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Chicken cor soup

In Chinese cuisine, they eat chicken meat so don’t think twice but try their amazing and tasty chicken and corn soup. This soup is part of all restaurants’ menu of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, and other countries and the time needed for preparation is only 20 to 30 minutes. You can also prepare it at home and try this amazing mix.

Chinese food
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Chinese food – Chicken spring rolls

The second food you must try and shouldn’t miss is chicken spring rolls. This is something you must try at your kitchen place or to go out into some Chinese restaurant and taste it.

Chow mein

If you thought that Chinese people eat just chicken and rice, you are wrong 🙂 They also eat chow mein which is interesting name of a delicious recipe. This stir-fried noodles dish contains noodles, meat (chicken, beef etc), celery and onions and children and adults adore it.

Fried rice

I think that fried rice with veggies is absolutely great and we also prepare this in my own country. We add green peas, corn, carrots, salt, white rice. In China, they eat it with Chicken Manchurian and chilled soft drinks. Mmm. I love this rice which inspired me to prepare it the same in my home.

Hakka Noodles

And the last recipe is Hakka Noodle, food that is often served with chicken Manchurian or with dry chili chicken. To get the perfect look and taste entire noodles are cooked on high flame. People add vinegar and soy sauce to enhance the richness of the spicy taste of Hakka Noodles and you can find this food in almost every Chinese restaurant.

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