How to Clean Fruit in Chemical-Free and Easy Way

Every year, around 48.000 people in the world fall ill of fruit contamination. People don’t know how to prevent contamination. Here is an idea about how to easily remove pesticides and to clean fruit before usage. You can do this in chemical free and easy way just by using water and vinegar. Vinegar is used for cleaning our home and has a great effect. Is used for cleaning surfaces in the bathroom, for cleaning windows, for cleaning the microwave. Some people use it for car cleaning. But vinegar also has a usage of food cleaning. And imagine, the food won’t taste like vinegar. Read about how to clean the fruit in a natural way.

The ingredients you will need for the cleaning recipe are water and vinegar. First of all, fill the sink with a water. Add 1 cup of vinegar and stir. Next, add all the fruit you want to eat and soak for 15 minutes. On this mix, you can add soda. Probably, water will be dirty and the fruit will be clean without dirty too. After this, add the fruit in hot water to make sure is clean. You can do this for apples, grapes, berries, strawberries…Even you can do this for vegetables.

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Clean fruit: The pesticides of apples will be removed

Apples are full of pesticides and insecticides. We can’t stop the bacteria that apple offer if we just wash them for 2 minutes. They need totally cleaning with hot water, vinegar and baking soda. Use this simple cleaning way to keep your health in a good condition.

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If you clean fruit like berries with vinegar and water it keeps them from moulding

Make berries to last for years by washing it with water, vinegar and baking soda.

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Cleaning grapes by using vinegar and soda

If you buy food you aren’t sure about the hygiene of employees. That’s why you need to take the fruit into your own hands and to clean it. Before cleaning the fruit wash your hands. Prevent bacterias to enter in your body. Grapes can be also cleaned with this trick.

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Strawberries cleaned with vinegar and water last for weeks

Smart cleaning for strawberries. Now, you can save strawberries for winter period and make a smoothie for you in cold days.

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How to clean vegetables in a chemical-free way (water, vinegar and soda)

One of the easiest way to was veggies. Remember, broccoli, red and green pepper, cauliflower, potatoes, leafy greens, are slightly more difficult to clean. You will need to add 3 cups of vinegar or to repeat the process 3 times.

cleaning peas in water

This was all about how to clean fruits and vegetables in a natural chemical free and easy way. Let’s repeat, all you need is water, vinegar and baking soda. This cleaning tip you can use too for a vegetable. Try and see the result. If you have extra free time, please also check about how to prepare fruit and veggie salad in a creative way.

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