Easy Snacks Prepared in Just 5 Minutes

Hey, there friends, how are you this day? I’m fine and looking for some cool ideas to share with you. In these hot lazy days, we offer you easy snacks, and to prepare you will need just 5 minutes. More on this topic you can see in the following text and everything you have to do is to SCROLL DOWN>

Chopped chicken salad

the first recipe that will boost your energy is this 5 minutes chopped chicken salad that is vitamin bomb. For the full recipe, check the photo now that follows.

easy snacks

Easy snacks – make vegan tacos

These are flavorful vegan tacos and after making it once, you will suddenly wish to prepare it once and once again. See how delicious they are, I love it and my children love it too!

vegan tacos

5 minutes of pancakes

The third easy snack on our list is about how to make wheat pancakes. Mix two eggs, flour, and milk and bake the pancakes in a saucepan. After baking it, arrange it one to one and on the top add Nutella and nuts.


Make an avocado toast – easy snacks

Or, the next delicious snack is about how to make avocado for the same time, for only a few minutes. On the top, you can add olives, tomatoes, oregano, or everything else yo wish to eat. See the photo now and check the details. Do you have some free time to read about why avocado is good for your health and why you need this fruit in your diet?

easy snacks
Photo via www.diyjoy.com

Sweet potato chips

Don’t go to the store to buy chips because now you can make it in your own home. Cut the sweet potatoes on slices and put them in the microwave. For five minutes you will make delicious chips that you can combine it with homemade ketchup.

easy snacks potato chips

Thanks for reading our post now and we invite you to stay again with us tomorrow when we will be back with a post about healthy food.