Eggplant Closure With Potatoes and Meat Recipe

Good morning friends. Tomorrow I wake up and found an amazing recipe, so the same recipe decided to share with you. Stay with us and let this eggplant closure recipe be often on your menu for lunch! I think that I will try to prepare this for lunch today for my kids. Stay with us and red the best recipe.

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To prepare this lunch you will need these ingredients:

  • eggplant
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes ( small cherry tomatoes for decor)
  • meat
  • parsley
  • seasoning ( red and black pepper)
  • olive oil
  • salt
eggplant closure with potatoes
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The time needed for preparation is just one hour!

In the next photo collage, you have the full process about how to prepare this tasty lunch named eggplant closure and I hope you will make it. At first, you need to prepare the meat with seasoning and salt. The next step is to add the eggplant and potatoes in the pan and make some space for the meat.

Now, when meat is added, cover it with the eggplants and add olive oil on the top. All this prepared to put in the baking oven and bake about 1 hour. The result is stunning and you can check it in the last photo of our photo collage with 5 photos.

Good appetite! With this lunch we recommend you drink a glass of white wine and share the lovely recipe with all friends you know that enjoy cooking!

eggplant closure
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