Make Watermelon Juice Dispenser for Next PARTY

We all want to be unique with our party, especially for our children’s party – their birthdays. Me as I parent realized that they always want some cool decorations that will cheer them up and make happy their schoolmates. You as a parent ( if you aren’t parenting maybe you have nephews) can do the catering, instead of paying catering services to do this and spend all your salary. There’s nothing to be afraid off and you just have to try once and learn. For example, you can make watermelon juice dispenser and this to be in the focus on the next party!!!

Read about stuffed zucchini for dinner and prepare it tonight. But first, check how to make the best dispenser with fruits in only 3 steps! If you still don’t get the things clear, check also the video with a tutorial.

Step number 1: Get it level

watermelon juice dispenser
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Step number 2: Scoop it out and add the faucet inside the watermelon. 

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Step number 3: Pour it in a glass and enjoy your final project. 

final project
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If this sounds great for you, call your children and together take a look at our following project and then together spend some time doing the project ( video) or save it on your phone to make it in the summer period when there will be a lot of watermelons! Enjoy!

Here is the full video with the instructions that will help you how to make the watermelon juice dispenser, pay attention to it.

The planned time for you has over and our presentation with ideas is finished now! Now, it only stays to thank you for your time and wish you having a nice rest of the day. Stay home, stay safe and save someone’s love with social isolation. Greetings!