Most-Romantic Places to visit in Shimla Manali, 2021

Rekindle yourself from the routine and give romance some time to bloom amidst the hilly ranges and snow-capped mountains, as the perfect getaway is the best way to deepen your love for each other. Shimla is the epitome of a beautiful, cozy living place, and ample thrilling activities. 

The region features the best ambiance to simply lay back and chill. Although if you are an adventure seeker and love to gather different experiences then Shimla is your go-to place.

Be it skiing at Solang valley, a bike ride at Rohtang pass, or witnessing the beauty of the bygone era at Gaiety Heritage cultural complex, the place is a blend of experience and lifelong memory. Following is the compiled places that you should include in your Shimla Honeymoon Package. Moreover, if you haven’t planned your trip yet, go ahead and check out our Shimla honeymoon package.

Solang Valley

Conquer your fear with your better half at Solang valley, situated 14km from Manali tucked on the western bank of river Beas. The place offers plenty of adrenaline junkies such as skiing, parachuting, paragliding, etc. the valley has a ropeway and ski center, the ropeway transfers tourists to the mainland from where the panoramic vista of the entire city can be cherished. Skiing is popular among adventure enthusiast couples, the best time to indulge in skiing is November when the entire region is covered with a thick sheet of snow.

If you wish to strengthen your sense of worship, seek blessing from the nearest Anjani Mahadev temple, where the lingam is formed naturally with the ice during winter.

Moreover, Solang valley is a prime location to begin trekking, a trek to Pataslu will take on an enchanting ride of green woodland, and you will be delighted to hear the soft chime of birds. 

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang is situated 51 km to the north of Manali, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations landlocked with Manali, Lahaul & Spiti valley. The strategic location of the place will surely leave you in awe. The snow-chapped wall around the pass and the mighty peaks are evident from the pass.

The experience of snow can be incomplete without the sled ride, the feeling of the ninth sky when you are holding hands with the love of your life. Similarly indulge in mountain biking through the Rohtang pass, but you have to be a little careful on the tricky trails as a lot of people have lost their lives.

Beyond the stunning Rohtang pass, do not miss out on the enticing view of the Sona Pani glacier and a Gaypan. Although there are several accommodation options st Rohtang champing in the cozy tent in the twilight of the sky is unmatched 

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

If you are someone who is intrigued by the architecture of a bygone era, constantly stating the beauty of historical monuments here is the place for you. Gaiety heritage cultural complex is 122 years old Victorian architecture designed by Henry Irwin, early the place was a police station, but the time passed by it turned into an art gallery and museum. However, if either of you is fascinated by the museum you will have a great time introducing the beauty and the uniqueness of the paces to the other person. Dive into the deep conversion about the art and painting exhibited in the museum it will bring you close and help you strengthen the bond. You could also participate in art and music festivals to showcase your creative side. Once you are done with the sightseeing do not miss the Victorian-style theatre show it will delight you with insights and glimpses of the art and how it impacts our culture and region.

Kufri Fun World

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing adrenaline junkies and Mind-bending joyrides in the middle of the snow? Do you want to conquer your fear in the middle of the verdant woodland? If yes, here is a place for you. Kufri Fun is an amusement park located in the unaltered beauty of the region kurfi. It is considered the world’s highest amusement park elevated at a height of 8000ft above sea level. Your trip here will be jam-packed with adventure, be it sky swinging, bungee jumping, parachuting, kufri promised tons of good experiences and memories.

In its purest form kurfi offers tourists tranquil nature and raw beauty of forest and snow. Moreover, the place blooms with tourists throughout the year. Heli-skiing is one of the underrated adventurous activities at kufri, since it witnesses heavy snowfall during November, the panoramic vista from a certain height will surely take your breath away. 

Jakhoo Hill

Nestled amidst the lush green forest and hilly ranges, Jakhoo is the highest point of Shimla, from where you can witness the unparalleled beauty of the town. Apart from featuring scenic beauty, the place is well-known for its spiritual significance, the temple has a giant idol of lord hanuman that is visible from the different parts of Shimla. The temple is encircled around tick deodar and pine trees making it the most incredible location for the visitors to review. Here you can experience tranquillity, wisdom, and adventure all at once. The serene setting of the region has the complementary presence of monkeys around the area. Enjoy the best ropeway of the state and cherish the view from atop.