Starting a Small Packaged Food Business: Key Steps

Depending on the entrepreneur’s experience with business in general and packaged food in particular, there is a high possibility of finding success in this segment of the food industry. However, it’s a common fact that having experience and education behind any business idea increases its chances of success quite significantly, but not everyone who is starting out has relevant experience. We are going to discuss a few key steps with young entrepreneurs in mind that should help them avoid common mistakes that new entrants into the packaged food industry often end up making.

Matching Target Customers with the Right Food Product

There are two ways to go about matching target customers with the food you will be selling, and the first would be to conduct market analysis for determining your target customers and then marketing to them with customized ads. Here, you are bringing your products to potential customers, or try to create a need for your packaged food items.

The second method involves conducting market analysis to determine the most suitable and in-demand packaged food products for the target location and then catering to those needs by manufacturing, marketing and selling them. In this method, you are manufacturing, packaging and marketing the products which customers in your target location already need. As should be easy to tell, this is the approach with the highest chances of success.

Matching the Right Packaging with the Right Food Items

The importance of selecting the right packaging type, pattern, and design within the food industry cannot be overstated. If you end up selecting the wrong type of packaging, the food could get spoiled before it should, or it could affect your shipping capacities immensely. That would lead to reduced supply capacity and high delivery expenses. This is precisely why modern flexible packaging has become the most popular option in the packaged food industry. Check out this post about PKG Lab: Flexible Packaging to understand in what other ways flexible food packaging really is the best solution.

Matching Your Budget with the Business Model

As part of the packaged food industry, the business could be:

  • Manufacturing and packaging its own food
  • Packaging and selling food manufactured by another company
  • Manufacturing and packaging food for another company

Making a choice between them should depend primarily on one’s business idea and, of course, the budget. Nevertheless, the general rule is that you can profit more on every sale if you manufacture your packaged food. However, the investment would be much higher. Packaging and selling manufactured food from another company means your profit margin will be much lower. Nevertheless, the investment needed will be a lot less if you do not have to manufacture the food.

Manufacturing and packaging food for a reputed packaged food brand, however, is a relatively low-risk investment compared to both. This is on account of the fact that you will only be producing packaged food that has already been ordered. It’s a good way to get started in the industry, only to branch out later when you have the experience and capital to do so.